Professional holistic treatments to help fight dog cancer

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New K9 Immunity Products

Check out the latest K9 Immunity Plus products - K9 Immunity Plus™ which may assist dogs facing serious health challenges. An easy to give combination of K9 Immunity™, Transfer Factor and Omega 3 all of which have been used with thousands of dogs throughout the world. Available NOW !

New Product "Everpup"

"Everpup", the latest supplement from Dr Dressler, the maker of "Apocaps", Everpup has been developed to assist in helping to keep healthy dogs healthy - its aim is to help support a healthy immune system and digestive system. Available NOW !

Dog Tales

Check out  in Dog Tales some of the Faces of Dogs who are enjoying their lives, despite their battle with cancer. Some have been with us over two years, some have just joined us.

The Dressler Book

No matter what you’ve heard, there are always steps you can take to help your dog fight cancer. This comprehensive guide is your complete reference for practical, evidence based strategies that can optimize the life quality and longevity for your dog. No matter what diagnosis or stage of cancer your dog has, this book is packed with precious advice that can help now. Call us to order now.
As recommended by Dr Dressler . His latest supplement for the  health support of dogs.

Immune-Assist : Next Generation Immune Supplement

Immune System Dysfunction Is The Greatest Threat To Health Today! Diseases such as Cancer, Hepatitis, and Lyme disease are at least partially caused by our immune systems inability to correctly identify and destroy the aberant cells and invaders. Now you can do something about it! Immune-Assist(Tm) Critical Care Formula is the most effective immune system enhancer yet developed!


This is our top-of-the-line Cordyceps performance product. Containing 5 different species and several different strains of Cordyceps from around the world, the 750 mg time-release tablets have shown excellent performance enhancement ability. Increases ATP by 30% and oxygen utilization by 40%, this is a popular supplement for professional and amateur athletes.


Our Specialty! - 100% USDA Certified Organic. Aloha Medicinals has recently announced the opening of their new manufacturing facility in Carson City, Nevada. They are now the world's largest Cordyceps manufacturer, with a monthly production in excess of 175,000 kilograms. At this rate, Aloha Medicinals is manufacturing more than one-half the total Cordyceps consumed in the world today! And for good reason, Aloha Medicinals is the Most Potent Cordyceps ever available! You can go with the best: Aloha Medicinals is available from stock in any quantity you require, either for your own use or by the ton for formulation into your product!

Aloha Medicinals is the world's only producer of Hybrid Cordyceps sinensis, grown under low temperature, low oxygen conditions - equal to 18,000 feet elevation, just like nature! U.S. and International Patents Pending.

Aloha Medicinals is a modern American biotechnology company specializing in the production of Cordyceps by laboratory cultivation. We are the world's leader in Cordyceps research and development, and by far the largest producer of USDA Certified Organic Cordyceps in the world today.

Wild Cordyceps Collecting Expedition

Aloha Medicinals recently completed the first ever, Western scientific research expedition into the highlands of Tibet, where we studied Cordyceps in their native habitat. Working with the local nomads, we collected several hundred specimens directly from nature. We have developed a number of new strains from these wild collected samples, which are currently under research for producing effective non-toxic anti-viral medications for use in underdeveloped nations in Africa.

Full Spectrum Cordyceps Capsules

Aloha Medicinals Super-Potent Full Spectrum Cordyceps capsules are the best Cordyceps available today. They come packaged 90 caps per bottle, 525 mg per capsule. We guarantee this to be the most potent Cordyceps available today! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or full money back refund, no questions asked.