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Check out  in Dog Tales some of the Faces of Dogs who are enjoying their lives, despite their battle with cancer. Some have been with us over two years, some have just joined us.

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Dog Cancer Diagnosis? Here's Help ... K9-Immunity

A Dog Cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things you can face with your beloved companion. The 'Family Pet' is just that - a cherished member of the family. A diagnosis of cancer or other serious disease for him or her can be just as devastating as for any other member of the family.

Now there is help.

K9 Immunity to help your Dog fight Cancer

K9 Immunity was originally developed for seeing eye dogs fighting cancer in the United States.

It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immune supporting compounds that our Aloha Pharmaceuticals human grade Immune-Assist is, but packaged specially for dogs. First developed for Seeing Eye dogs, now available for your dog. K9 Immunity has been used in thousands of dogs with cancer in the United States.

K9 Immunity is a supplement that helps support the well being of your dog while fighting cancer.

It contains PSK, PSP and Lentinan, as well as nearly 200 other closely related heteropolysaccharides.

It is available in most countries without a prescription.

K9 Immunity is a daily dietary supplement derived from all natural, all 100% certified organic sources manufactured in the United States to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

K9 Immunity can be used to support dogs fighting serious illness such as cancer.

Understanding the treatment options

In modern times medicine has made great strides forward, although in many respects cancer treatment is still at an early stage. Recently, more modern approaches to treating cancer have emerged.

But first, it helps to understand just what cancer is.

Cancer is the result of the body's failure to recognize and destroy cells that do not replicate normally. In healthy dogs around 100 million cells replicate every day. Just by the sheer number of cells replicating, some of them are bound to replicate with errors. One of the main functions of the Immune System is to identify and destroy these aberrant cells before they have the chance to pass that error along.

For cancer to occur, there are three things that must take place:

  • Some cells must have errors in replication for the process to begin. There are a number of things that will cause an increase in replication errors, things like toxins and radiation, and most importantly age. It is age that causes the greatest errors in cellular replication. That is why cancer is much more common in older dogs than in pups.
  • The 2nd thing that must happen is that the dog's Immune system must fail to recognize the aberrant cell when they are formed. At the point of the initial error it is quite easy for the Immune System to overcome the single bad cell. But if that cell escapes detection and divides again, then the third step can and often does follow.
  • The third thing that must happen is that the Immune System must remain in a non-responsive state for some period of time for the tumor to continue replicating.

The point at which the tumor is large enough to detect can take a long time, perhaps even years. By the time it is large enough to detect, it is already quite large: hundreds of millions of cells in size.

The most important thing you can do to help your dog through this trial is to provide him or her with whatever you can to help optimize the Immune Function. K9 Immunity is an Immune Support Supplement aimed at supporting your dog while fighting this disease, and helping to support a good quality of life.

As Prof. Clemmons says,

"To me, the answer to cancer lies in the immune system. This is the major reason why I have trouble with Western chemotherapy. Spontaneous remission from cancer only occurs when the patient's immune system acts to clear the cancer. Therefore, stimulation of the patient's immune system to selectively attack the cancer seems to be the key to achieving a successful outcome. New methods in immunotherapy and immunotargeted chemotherapy are likely be the Western methods which lead to the greatest advances in cancer treatment over the next few decades."

(Quote from R.M. Clemmons, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
University of Florida)