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Medicinal Mushrooms

We feel it is crucial that valid research be available to allow our customers to separate fact from fiction. Below you will find third-party references regarding the use of our products in patients undergoing treatment for serious disease states. We cannot make any medical claims for natural products, but here is the latest information you can use to make judgment for yourself whether our products may be right for you or not. If you want more info, we are always available by telephone: on (08) 9842 1974 or 041 792 8210.

Latest research on Medicinal Mushrooms:


Medicinal Mushrooms Report

Government Published Cancer Reference Book: "Medicinal Mushrooms: Their Therapeutic Properties and Current Medical Usage with Special Emphasis on Cancer Treatments" Here is the full version of a landmark book published by the government of Great Britain in 2001. This is an official publication of Cancer Research UK, the English equivalent of the US National Cancer Institute. Written by professors Dr's Smith, Rowan and Sullivan of the University of Strathclyde, it is perhaps the most comprehensive text available today for those wishing details on the medicinal mushrooms and their application in cancer treatment.

It is somewhat technical in nature, but very clearly written for ease of understanding by those without an advanced scientific degree. You can download the entire book here in the form of PDF files. Some of the files are quite large, so we have broken it into chapters. Please be patient with the download time, it will be worth the wait. To anyone who claims that this is fringe science we can only point out that England produces some of the best doctors in the world. There is nothing wrong with English medicine, and here is the proof of the value of the medicinal mushroom compounds in cancer treatment, in the form of an official government publication.

This monograph is a comprehensive overview of this subject from the technology of cultivation, extraction and chemistry of medicinal mushroom bioactive compounds to the clinical evidence that suggests an important therapeutic role in cancer, and other major diseases.

Official Government Publication

Table of Contents (PDF 8.87 kb)

Preamble (PDF 15.5 kb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 36.3 kb)

Chapter 2 - The Nature of Fungi with Special Emphasis on Mushrooms  (PDF 1.41 Mb)

Chapter 3a - Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 1 (PDF 8.12 Mb)

Chapter 3b - Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 2 (PDF 8.75 Mb)

Chapter 3c - Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 3 (PDF 8.33 Mb)

Chapter 4 - Technology of Mushroom Cultivation (PDF 338 kb)

Chapter 5 - Extraction, Development and Chemistry of Anti-Cancer Compounds from Medicinal Mushrooms (PDF 399 kb)

Chapter 6 - Immunomodulatory Activities of Mushroom GlucansPolysaccharide-Protein Complexes in Animals and Humans (PDF 216 kb)

Chapter 7 - The Role of Polysaccharides Derived from Medicinal Mushrooms in Cancer (PDF 133 kb)

Chapter 8 - Additional Medicinal Properties (PDF 84.2 kb)

Chapter 9 - Regulatory and Safety Criteria (PDF 67.8 kb)

Chapter 10 - Conclusions(PDF 49.5 kb)

Appendix 1 - Overview of Human Immune System (PDF 603 kb)

Appendix 2 - Standard Antitumor Activity Test (PDF 12.7 kb)

Appendix 3 - Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Prevention (PDF 17.0 kb)

Author Biographies (PDF 21.6 kb)

Executive Summary (PDF 32.7 kb)

Acknowledgment (PDF 6.89 kb)

Front Cover (JPG 69 kb)

Back Cover (JPG 26.29 kb)




by Dr. Georges Halpern, MD, PhD, is scheduled to hit the book shelves around January 1, 2007. This book is available through all the main book outlets, such as Borders and Dr. Halpern is one of the world's leading authorities on Medicinal mushrooms, with more than 100 publications to his credit. Dr. Halpern is currently Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and for many years was Professor of Pharmacology and Immunology at University of California Davis. Aloha Medicinals products are referenced in this book more than thirty times. You can preview this book by clicking on the links below:

Healing Mushrooms  (PDF 1.76 mb)
Cover for Healing Mushrooms 
(PDF 107kb)


test The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms    is the leading peer-review journal in this field. There are hundreds of research papers here, spanning more than seven years. This is a great resource for starting your research.


The Leading Professional Journal in this field



Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements: Cordyceps chapter   (PDF 399 kb)

This is a chapter straight from the Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements, written by Aloha Medicinals at the request of the publishers. It was peer-reviewed by National Institute of Health, and is considered the leading authority on Cordyceps today. This is the latest info available on this medicinal mushroom.

Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements: Reishi Chapter   (PDF 375 kb)

Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements: Shiitake Chapter  (PDF 440 kb)

Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements: This is the book the FDA relies on.


Human Leukemia: Here is an article published in Life Science showing the mechanism of action in Human Leukemia for some of the anticancer properties of Cordyceps sinensis: Induction of HL-60 apoptosis by ethyl acetate extract of Cordyceps sinensis fungal mycelium  (PDF 547 kb)

 Reducing the side effects in Radiation Treatment: The latest article from Radiation Research Society Journal: Protection against Radiation-Induced Bone Marrow and Intestinal Injuries (PDF 744 kb)

Anti-Cancer Properties: A peer-reviewed article by Dr. Solomon Wasser of University of Haifa, Israel: Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides  (PDF 269 kb)

Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms, including anticancer: Another peer-reviewed article by Dr. Solomon Wasser of University of Haifa, Israel: Medicinal Properties of Substances.
(PDF 1.66 mb)


Clinical Trials:

Reducing the side effects: Using Immune Assist (K9 Immunity) in Cancer treatment to reduce side effects: Cancer Clinical Trial  (web page)

Immune Assist is the human grade, the same product in veterinary packaging is named K9 Immunity

[PDF] Hybridization of Cordyceps sinensis and Quality Analysis - An article on Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps from the "International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms"

[PDF] On The Trail of the Yak - Most complete article yet on Cordyceps

[PDF] Immuno-modulating and Anti-tumor compounds from Medicinal Mushrooms by Dr. Solomon Wasser - Great Article!

[PDF] Medicinal Properties of Substances Occuring in Higher Basidiomycetes Mushrooms: Current Perspective (Review) by Dr. Solomon Wasser - Another Great Article!

UK Cancer Research Book on Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Treatment - Excellent Resource