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Check out  in Dog Tales some of the Faces of Dogs who are enjoying their lives, despite their battle with cancer. Some have been with us over two years, some have just joined us.

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Hope for Dogs with Cancer

An Update - November 2013

Since first setting up the About Us page, we sadly have had changes with our companions.

Our "Old Boy", Barnaby left us when he was 13 and a half. He had a lovely life, and his heart finally gave way. We missed him, but we're thankful for his life.

Our beautiful Leah grieved, and despite welcoming Oliver as a new mate, the stress exacerbated a possible unknown heart issue, and we lost her to a heart attack at only 6 yrs old. We were devastated, as was Oliver, a Pup then 12 months old. We brought Charlie,(Charlotte), into the family as a 4 month old Pup, and she and Oliver have become great mates, and a delight for us, if exhausting.

Over the last 8 years we now have helped well over a thousand dogs, and helped to support their owners, and never tire of trying to find the best way of looking after our pets, when they are ill, or just in keeping healthy.

Our Barnaby  Our Barnaby - missed from the DogCancer family, remembered with love Our Leah  Our Leah - missed from the DogCancer family, remembered with love

About Us

We began researching the best available products to assist Pets facing serious health challenges over 12 years ago, when our vet shocked us with the news that our 4 year old Airedale, Ben, had cancer.

We had never previously had any of our Pets diagnosed with cancer and so we embarked on what was to be a journey with a steep learning curve which still continues today.

He was found to have lymphoma, and our vet told us there was nothing we could do, and we had to prepare ourselves that Ben would die in a few months at best. With shock, fear and indignation, to be told there was nothing we could do to prevent the death of our loveable 4 year old friend, we searched and found an article on the Internet entitled "Hope for Dogs with cancer". We spoke with the author, Professor Gregory Ogilvie, a veterinary oncologist in the United States, and he was instrumental in establishing a chemotherapy protocol with a local vet, and gave us much advice and information on diet, nutrition and supplements to support dogs with cancer.

We were relieved to see Ben go into remission, and we were fortunate emough to gain 15 months of quality time.

We learnt much about the dog cancer diet, how sugars and simple carbohydrates tend to feed cancer cells, whereas proteins and fats do not. We also learnt how to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, and started to research more on how supplements could assist dogs with cancer.

Our Leah

Six years later, Sassie our female Doberman was also diagnosed with lymphoma. She was 11 years old. We went down the same path of treatment, but this time things were not so easy, and we came to the conclusion that one needs to consider carefully quality of life when dealing with an older dog.

With Sassie's passing we were faced with a grieving Barnaby, our second dog. So in flew Portia, another female Doberman, who instantly ran rings around us all. Unfortunately, at the young age of 15 months, she was diagnosed with a genetic rib osteosarcoma, or bone cancer.

We researched further, and found that some natural treatments had been showing much promise, noteably, K9 Immunity from Aloha Medicinals, which had been developed to treat cancer in seeing eye dogs in the United States, and Artemisinin, which was being researched by Professor Lai and Dr Singh of the Washington University. Artemisinin had been through in vitro and canine trialling, and was currently undergoing a 5 year human clinical trial. We spoke at length with researchers concerned, and read relevant literature. We decided to import the products, but met many delays due to meeting AQIS requirements, and purchasing permits etc.

Whilst waiting, Portia's situation was grave, and so we opted for surgery, but sadly we lost her within a month.

We were again totally shattered, but then found we had many excellent products to assist dogs with cancer arriving. A local dog owner asked could he use them with his dog diagnosed with bladder cancer. His 8 year old boxer was lethargic, bleeding from the penis, secondaries located from an exploratory operation, and given a few months to live.

After starting K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor with an Artemix capsule once a night, within a few weeks the bleeding went from red to brown, then dried up completely, and in subsequent months, the secondaries went down, and now 20 months on, he is 10 years old and bouncing. He does take some additional Milk Thistle to keep his liver healthy, and Syn-flex for his arthritis.

Because we had the permits in place, and had done the research, Aloha asked us whether we would continue to stock the products to help owners with dogs with cancer in Australia and New Zealand. We have since assisted over 60 dogs and their owners.

Our Barnaby Our Oliver

Sadly we lost our Barnaby (left), aged 13 and a half, on 11.11.11 He is sorely missed, a gentle loving Boy. Our Leah was fretting and a little lost without Him, so she now has a younger brother, Oliver (right), aged 14 weeks, an Airedale, and life is chaotic and joyful and our Girl is smiling again.

Having experienced the devastation and pain both for ourselves and our family of dogs, we well understand that losing a loved dog is not easy, most especially to cancer. We have, therefore, pursued the latest research into ways of supporting and helping owners and their dogs who have cancer, and spoken with many leading veterinary oncologists and researchers in this field. We are constantly looking for ways to assist owners and their dogs fight this onerous disease. We are more than happy to pass on any information and articles regarding this research, and we stress that the products have virtually no known ill side effects, if taken as recommended, and can be used by themselves or as an adjunct to chemotherapy or surgery where appropriate.

Our viewpoint is and always will be looking at the whole picture, from this perspective, the well being and quality of life is paramount.