Professional holistic treatments to help fight dog cancer

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Diet for Dogs with Cancer

Diet/Nutrition has been shown to play an important part in helping a dog with cancer fight the disease, and maintain energy. See Prof. G. Ogilvies article on Nutrition and Diet in the Research and Information pages on our website.

In simple terms, carbohydrates have been shown to feed the cancer,which is not desirable, whereas fats, especialy omega 3s, and good quality proteins , do not, they starve the cancer, and help your dog maintain energy.

It is best to minimize carbohydrate intake. Approximately 20% or less can be made up of complex carbohydrates, eg.cooked brown rice, potatoes, broccoli or pasta. The remainder consisting of a good quality meat, chicken or fish. Sardines, salmon and tuna are all good. Cottage cheese, approx two tablespoons or more if they like it, and Flaxseed oil mixed in, is an excellent food. Start with a teaspoon of flaxseed, and increase if it doesn't cause loose stools.

As we have said, the Omega 3s, especially DHA and also EPA are very important in helping a dog with cancer fight the disease. The oily fish, flaxseed oil, and DHA supplements are all good here. Omega 6 is not recommended for dogs with cancer.

Amino Acids play an important part in helping your dog. The cancer cells fight with the normal cells for Amino acids. To help keep your dog strong, you may also want to supplement some amino acids, such as arginine, which is known for helping to maintain the immune system. A strong immune system can help your dog’s body fight cancer. Glutamine is another important amino acid that helps to preserve the gastrointestinal tract and may decrease any vomiting or diarrhea seen as a side effect of some chemotherapy regimens. Finally, glycine specifically protects the kidneys from the side effects of the chemotherapy drug called cisplatin. You can really boost your dog’s ability to fight the cancer by making sure he gets enough of these three important amino acids.

We stock a product called Whey Activ, which is a high quality nutritional supplement containing these and more amino acids found to be depleted in a dog with also contains broccoli sprout extract, which research suggests is useful as an anti cancer nutrient.Mixed with plain yoghurt or milk or cottage cheese. or with their meal,it is enjoyed by most dogs.

Please read the articles on Nutrition and diet for Dogs with cancer by Prof. Ogilvie and others on this website, also the articles on the importance of DHA and the Omega 3s in helping your dog.

There are many detailed and useful references in the Research and Information area of this website (you can access this area via the main menu).