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Recommended Supplements for Dogs With Cancer


With all dogs we are helping, the supplements we recommend, either on their own, or with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation, is the combination of the Immune supplements, K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor, together with (in most instances) Artemisinin / Artemix / Butyrex. DHA Omega has been shown in research by Professor Ogilvie, and others to be useful as a tumour suppressant as well as being a good adjunct to conventional cancer treatments. We also recommend careful attention to diet for dogs with cancer. All these supplements have been shown to have no toxic side effects with normal doses.

Supporting the Immune system is beneficial, and (quoted)

"a diet supplemented with fish oil and the amino acid arginine appears to increase survival time in dogs with lymphoma, a cancer that affects white blood cells.

Dogs with this kind of cancer, similar to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in humans, are easily treated, but as with humans, their cancer tends to return. A team of researchers led by Dr. Gregory Ogilvie of Colorado State University in Fort Kent, studied the effects of adding fish oil and arginine to the diets of 32 dogs being treated for lymphoma.

Half of the dogs received a special chow with the two supplements in it, and the other half ate chow with soybean oil added. The two chows were identical in nutritional value, and formulated to be equally tasty to the dogs. All the dogs were being treated with the anti-cancer drug doxorubicin every three weeks, and were living at home with their owners.

Previous research has shown that some polyunsaturated fatty acids, like those found in fish oil, may help prevent the growth and spread of cancer tumors, and may help prevent cachexia -- the devastating weight loss and muscle wasting seen in some cancer patients despite adequate nutrition. Likewise, arginine supplements have been reported to improve immune responses, and might help the body fight cancer.

The dogs were fed one of the chows twice a day during and after their cancer treatment. The researchers report that compared to the control dogs, those who ate the supplemented chow showed higher blood levels of two fatty acids called C20:5 and C22:6 that seem particularly effective in fighting cancer. Dogs with more of these fatty acids in their blood also tended to have more normal levels of lactic acid, which tends to accumulate in the blood when metabolism is disrupted in cancer patients.

In addition, report Ogilvie and colleagues, the dogs with higher levels of these two fatty acids survived longer than those with lower levels, and had longer remissions, periods of time before their disease came back.

Writing in the journal Cancer, the researchers suggest that the fatty acids may help both dogs and humans by slowing down the spread of cancer cells and by increasing the cells' susceptibility to anti-cancer drugs like the doxorubicin used in this study.

Ogilvie and colleagues also note their findings fit in with previous research showing that the fatty acids they studied appear to help fight cancer and its effects in both humans and animals."

Reuters Health, April 28, 2000
The journal Cancer, May 2000; 88:1916-1928

See Whey Activ in products which may assist in providing arginine and other amino acids mentioned by Prof. Ogilvie.

Following is a brief description of all these supplements. Refer also to the extended information and articles on our site.

It is important that you understand that cancer of whatever type is a very serious illness and represents a major threat to your dog's life. While many of the dogs we've been involved with have had positive outcomes in their quality of life and we will always have this quality of life as our paramount concern.

Please feel free to ask us for further information and also to discuss the information on our site with your Vet. We are always happy to share information and welcome contact with your Vet.

K9 Immunity(TM)

K9 Immunity(TM) is a daily supplement derived from all natural, all 100% certified organic sources manufactured in the United States to the highest pharmaceutical standards. It consists of extracts from six mushrooms, Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps sinensis hybrid, lentinula edodes, Grifola frondosa, Ganoderma lucidium, and Coriolus versicolor.

See section this website on Medicinal Mushrooms UK Cancer research.

K9 Immunity(TM) is for use to help boost the immune system in dogs fighting serious illness such as cancer. It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immune supporting compounds as the human grade Immune-Assist, but formulated specially for dogs. It was first developed as an offshoot of Aloha Medicinals human research and applied for Seeing Eye dogs in the United States who were fighting cancer, and is now available for your dog. This is a supplement that has been used in thousands of dogs with serious health challenges.

Further information about K9 Immunity can be found here on our website.

K9 Transfer Factor(TM)

K9 Transfer Factor(TM) is a specially formulated canine grade supplement for use with K9 Immunity(TM) for helping to increase immune function. By itself, K9 Transfer Factor(TM) does not have much influence in the outcome of canine immune health - its' real value is in the way it enhances the absorption of the immune supplement K9 Immunity(TM).

Transferrin has also been shown to enhance the effectiveness of Artemisinin.

Further information about K9 Transfer Factor(TM) can be found here on our website.

Artemisinin / Artemix

This is a dietary supplement which may be helpful for digestive disorders.

There also has been considerable research done overseas for its use with other health problems.

Researchers from the University of Washington have published various research papers on the use of Artemisinin and cancer. The International Journal of Oncology reported that melanoma, breast, ovarian, prostate, renal and central nervous system cancers such as glioblastoma and neuroblastoma, all responded positively with artesminin. Likewise, the National Cancer Institute found that artemisinin was effective against 55 cancer cells that they tested with artemisinins strong activity against drug resistant leukemia proving the most effective. In 2002, Cancer Letters 179 reported that artemisinin in conjunction with transferrin overcame drug resistance in small-cell lung carcinoma. Professor Lai of the University of Washington says "Not only does it appear to be very effective, but it is very selective. It's highly toxic to the cancer cells, but it has a marginal impact on normal breast cells."

Some animal testing has already taken place with exciting results. One study carried out by Professors Lai & Singh featured a dog suffering from a debilitating bone cancer that made a complete recovery in just five days. Several dogs with lymphosarcoma had also been treated with artemisinin with an immediate reduction in tumor size. "This new treatment could completely alter the clinical treatment of cancer, and, it's really an inexpensive treatment for everyone" says Lai. "We also know it's safe since it has been used to treat malaria for years" - Professor Lai, Washington University.

Since the first exciting discovery for the use of Artemisinin, there have been numerous trials some of which are currently underway including canine trials at the University of OHIO. Very promising results have been reported by doctors and researchers who have worked with it.

Further research about Artemisinin and Artemix can be found here on our website.

DHA Omegas

DHA Omegas are widely considered to be useful in human health and there is much evidence to support supplementation for dogs with omega-3 (n-3 series) fatty acids, specifically docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a long chain fatty acid that has been shown to have a number of benefits for the veterinary cancer patient. Most notably, DHA, according to Prof. Ogilvie, author of "Nutrition and cancer: Frontiers for cure" :

  • can inhibit tumor growth and development, and;
  • appears to be important in reducing radiation and chemotherapy induced toxicity while increasing the efficacy of these therapies.

Further information about DHA Omegas can be found here on our website.


Professor Ogilvie also goes on to say that "Nutritional therapy is a key component for the treatment of cancer and for actually helping control malignant disease in some situations. Specific nutrients can be used as powerful tools to reduce toxicity associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and is important to enhance healing subsequent to surgery. There is little question that nutritional intervention must begin early and must be followed through aggressively to gain maximum benefit ... which can in turn enhance and improve the quality of life, long before the patient exhibits evidence of weight loss, debilitation, or anorexia."

Refer paper by Prof. G. Ogilvie, here on our website.

Purchasing from K9 Health Support

All of the products we note here are in stock at all times. Pricing is available on our Products Page. Please contact us for payment details. We ship interstate with speed and provide discounts for bulk/package purchases and other circumstances as may be appropriate. Our prime interest is in helping you to help your dog through health challenges which can be devastating for both your dog and yourself. Be positive - we have been there - we know what it's like.

Finally - Your Attitude

Dogs, like humans, pick up on the feelings you express. If your dog has health challenges, including cancer and you are looking to treat it, be positive with your dog. Focus on the potential for a good outcome. Give your dog the love you that always have. While it may be hard (and yes, like many others, we have been there), expressing love, having fun and an encouraging attitude will undoubtedly improve the quality of life for your dog. This doesn't come in a bottle, only you can give it!